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Missing My Baby

1st time I have been away from my Kaylee. I’m missing her already & she had not been gone long. :/

Yeah. John Stewart was making alot of sense tonight. Jessica Williams made some good points too.


Can’t believe that in 7 more weeks the baby will be here!


Ok let’s be grown ups here. I can clearly see that you would rather not respond to my messages. But yet we are still friends. I can take a hint. That’s cool. But at least have the decency to tell me so.

Check out @Reggie_KitKat’s Tweet:

Why get mad?

Prosecutors accuse Zimmerman of unjustly profiling and killing Martin.
It was the job of the prosecution to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that GZ  hunted TM down to kill him and they couldnt do that. The system did not fail, the prosecutors did. GZ lawyers made the jury have reasonable doubt in the whole trail.

Getting mad because GZ lawyers did their job is not going to help. Shit just remember how people were about the OJ trail. The lawyers did their job.

Praying for the Martin Family, I can only imagine how the parents are after losing a child.

I gotta do what!!?!

Soooo I can’t drink or use my hookah for like 10 months. #sadday

What!? It didn’t work!

Sooooo I tried to pull the, “I’m having your baby” card. Yeah, it didn’t work. I guess it’s too early to use it. Oh but it will work in due time. I will have everything I want. *evil laugh* lol

Is it wrong?

All I want to do is be left alone. Let me try to figure it out & I will get back to you.




Can’t believe that DJ lost. Congrats to Teresa for winning Best Ink!

My Life!!

I have so much going on and I don’t know to do. I have all these mixed emotions & don’t know what to do. I need to let them out!!!! :O

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